Improving the image and function of your home exterior is one of the best ways to set a first good impression. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or just to make your outside more homely, improving your home exterior is a must.

There are several things to consider in improving a home exterior, but what are the most important tips and tricks in exterior renovation? Read on to know.

1. Have a plan

It’s crucial to draw a plan before working on your exterior because it gives you that sense of control and organization. These are some of the things to plan:

● Research on exterior styles and designs from magazines and the internet. Get inspiration from them and strategize the items you’ll be needing to achieve the look.

● List the steps to get there. For example, plan on what contractors to call, your budget, and so on.

● Plan on what you’re improving. Is it an absolute remodelling or just bits and pieces of the place such as the roofing, brickwork, patio, decking, windows, or doors

2. Work within a budget

Set a budget to prevent overspending in the end. A project can cater to every budget, so don’t worry if you think your budget is not enough. Remember, you don’t have to complete the whole renovation now. You complete each piece one by one according to what your budget allows.

3. Don’t rush it

The time of renovation completion would depend on your budget, the contractor’s schedule and how huge the project is. The important thing is to not rush through the project. You can set a reasonable timeline, but know that emergencies can happen. A project meant for a month can turn into two months, so don’t get frustrated if your timeline isn’t obeyed.

4. Partner with a credible and trustworthy contractor

This is one of the most important things to tackle head-on because it predominantly determines how good the quality of the exterior renovation is. A good contractor lays down their timelines, labour costs, equipment and materials costs. They should be able to give you their insights and recommendations. Before deciding on who to partner, research their background, portfolio, clients, and customer’s review.

5. Focus on exterior renovations with the best return of investment

If you’re interested in increasing the value of your home for future selling, you need to know what exterior functions would you need remodelling or installed. These are some of the best ROI exterior ideas that you can improve or get installed:

● Roofing: Getting your roof renovated is a good idea, especially if it hasn’t been touched and checked for years. Having your roof improved dictates the strength of your house’s upper part. You don’t want the insides of your roofing drenched and damped because of holes.

● Brickwork or walls: The outside walls of your home sets the first impression of your estate. The paint and texture of your walls speak your home’s value. According to Home Again, the ROI of a freshly painted wall goes as high as 43 per cent.

● Patio: Patio or outdoor kitchens are getting increasingly more popular. People are liking the handsome idea of cooking and eating outside as it invites more social interactions. It also serves as a function for several occasions like birthdays, cocktail parties, and so on.

● Decking: Decking or installing usually wooden platforms adjoining the house is also getting relevant these days. It’s a space for BBQing, dining, and slacking space. It’s a good idea to have these installed together with the patio.

● Windows, and doors: Your home’s doors and even garage doors should be remodelled if you want to increase your house’s worth. Miniscule as it is, the holes of your home (entrances and windows) is one of defining features of the house that potential buyers look into.

● Driveway: People like wide and reasonable driveways for their cars. It’s a great feature to put effort to because it makes your home accessible in case of parties and social gatherings which requires visitations.